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Judge Brown spent his youngest years in Perry, Georgia and grew up in Macon from age 12.  He attended Alexander III Elementary School and Lanier High School, where he served as an officer of the senior class and of the R.O.T.C.  He attended Auburn University as a co-op Civil Engineering student, alternating school with surveying work for the Central of Georgia Railroad.


Judge Brown graduated from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University in 1967.  Upon graduation, he served in the office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service in New York City for two years and then returned to Macon, where he engaged in the general practice of law.  He was sworn in as Judge of the Superior Court of the Macon Judicial Circuit in January, 1996 and served for 18 years, the last two years as Chief Judge.  In his judgeship, Judge Brown handled a wide variety of cases, including domestic relations, criminal and civil.  He conducted jury and non jury trials.


He resumed the private practice of law in January, 2014.  He plans to practice general trial law, including personal injury, domestic and criminal law.


Outside of his law practice, Judge Brown has been active in the Boy Scouts.  When in high school, he served as a summer camp counselor at Boy Scout Camp Benjamin Hawkins, where he taught aquatic skills (canoeing, rowing, swimming, lifesaving) and two years as the Nature Counselor teaching reptile and other animal courses.


Judge Brown is an avid reader of Scientific American Magazine and has been for several decades.  He has also been very active in the humanities studies offered by the Georgia Counsel of Superior Court Judges and has taught several classes for Judges of the Superior Courts.


Judge Brown has taught Sunday School classes at several churches.